The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We're BACK! The TL FREE PD Season Is BACK! N. p., 2016. Web. 6 Sept. 2016.

Back to school time brings football games, pumpkin spice everything, and the TL (Teacher-Librarian) FREE Professional Development Season BACK! 

Did you miss us?!

Each year school librarians from across the country come together to bring relevant, timely, professional development to their peers.  We'd love for you to take the opportunity this year to step forward and let your talents shine together with us. 

1st Monday of each month

TL Virtual Cafe: Monthly, FREE, LIVE, Webinars
8 pm ET

The TL Virtual Cafe is committed to creating conversations about teacher-librarians,
educational technology, and collaborative connections to facilitate meaningful
and lifelong learning skills.

No need to register for our events - just show up! 

We are always looking for new presenters and topics.  If you would like to present a topic or get a group together to present a webinar please contact Tiffany Whitehead.

2nd Monday of each month

#TLChat LIVE!: Twitter Chat Session
8 pm ET

#TLChat takes place the 2nd Monday of each month at 8 pm ET (unless there is a holiday or natural disaster).

#TLChat LIVE! Twitter chat session will follow a Q1/A1 format. Leading questions will be asked using Q1, Q2, etc. Please provide input/answers/links/etc to each question using the corresponding A1, A2, etc. so that the conversation can be followed easier.

A poll for voting on the topic to be discussed is posted on Twitter at least one week prior to the chat and is also posted during the preceding TL Virtual Cafe webinar.

#TLChat LIVE! moderators are needed.  Please step forward, shrug off your comfort zone and volunteer!

Click HERE to volunteer as a moderator.  Volunteer a friend too!

3rd Monday of each month

TL News Night: YouTube Live Event

TL News Night is a LIVE show presented in news show format featuring a Wrap up of “This Month in School Libraries”and deeper discussion of topical school library issues with special guest experts from state library associations and the general education community.

Official hashtag for asking questions during a TL News Night Broadcast is: #tlchat

When YOUR state school library association is ready to be our special guests please contact Nikki D Robertson.

None of these three monthly events could happen without YOU!  We need your ideas, your voice, your participation, and your willingness to volunteer as a presenter of moderator.  Together we can provide the professional development so many of us just don't get from our local schools or districts. 


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