Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fast Forward: An MCS Initiative

The Fast Forward blog is the brain child of Daniel Whitt, Madison City Schools Coordinator of Instructional Technology, and is composed of a large collaborative group of elementary and secondary educators from across the Madison City School District.  The goal of Fast Forward is to unite innovative educators across the district and give them a space and place to share how they are working to "move education forward and to challenge long-held, foundational beliefs about the nature of education."

The December 1, 2016 Fast Forward post is near and dear to my heart, combining both my love for libraries and for connecting through Google Hangouts.  Even my dear friend, Andy Plemmons, gets a shout out from Bonnie Howard, librarian at Madison Elementary School.

Check out the Building Readers Beyond The Building video below then click HERE to see more of the amazing, pioneering, innovating, and inspiring work happening in Madison City Schools.

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