The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Broken But Not Down!-Sharing ELL/ESL Resources

Just because I have some cadaver bones, metal plates, and screws holding my head on to the rest of my body doesn't mean I can't still help out my teachers when they need it.

Today I reached out to Ms. Sharon Rowland, MCS's wonderful ESL/ELL Secondary Education Teacher for some assistance and in turn she asked me for some as well.

Ms. Rowland is looking for materials that her English as a Second Language high school aged students would enjoy reading to help them learn to read English.  Elementary school picture books could be used but what high school kid wants to do that?!

I started searching and one of the first things I did was reach out to my PLN.  Below is a list of ideas we have gathered so far today.  I have made the link editable so please feel free to add your own suggestions and share with colleagues who might need this information as well.

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  1. Each year, the California Young Reader Medal Program selects books popular with California students in a variety of categories. The "Picture Books for Older Readers" is always a good category for identifying books with more mature content. The nominee and winner books going back to 2002 are all listed, starting on page 25 of this Google Doc: For general information about the program, visit the CYRM site: While the category is supposed to be for grades 4 and above, I found the books great for a variety of readers when I was at a middle school, and I think a number of them would also work at the high school level.