The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

National Poetry Month in Your Library

April is such a fun month to be a school librarian.  Unfortunately, I recently had spinal surgery and will miss out on my favorite April celebration-National Poetry Month/Poem In Your Pocket Day! Stuck at home healing I started going back through my blog posts and was shocked to realize I never wrote about what we did in our library last year for National Poetry Month/Poem In Your Pocket Day. Shocked because what we did was EPIC and lots of fun!

I wasn't very pleased with the display itself, but, thanks to Jennifer Lagarde's Six Tips for Building Book Displays That Matter, I felt that how fancy or Pinterest perfect the display was or was not didn't matter as much as the content of the display itself.  

Within the display itself I had examples of different types of poetry as well as poetry books displayed.  The display was set up to be interactive and give students ideas of types of poems they could write and submit for our National Poetry Month contest.

Some of the poetry on display included Book Spine Poetry, Haikus, Blackout Poetry, Acrostics, Social Media Poetry (using SnapChat, Twitter, and/or Instagram), and Magnetic Poetry. We even had a link to Goth-O-Matic, a poetry generator for the Goth in you!

We also had our 3D Printer up and running all month long making Spiral Poetry Bracelets which were a big hit!

Our student library aides made copies of poems, rolled them up, tied them with a ribbon and had them out for students to pick up and take with them so they could always have a "poem in their pocket".  We had these in the display and at the circulation desk.

The last week of April we sent out a Google Form with the various original poems students had submitted. Our winner received a "major award".... the leg lamp from A Christmas Story printed on our 3D Printer!

To stay on top of all the cool things you can celebrate in your library each month be sure to check out this great calendar created by Shannon Miller

Below is a slide show of pictures taken during National Poetry Month/Poem In Your Pocket Day last school year. 

I'd love to learn how you celebrate National Poetry Month/Poem In Your Pocket Day at your school!


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