Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shared On Social Media: End of Year Reports

While surfing social media sites I come across great posts with equally insightful comments. Unfortunately, trying to locate these posts in the stream months later is often an impossible task. Thus, in lieu of waiting for the original poster to blog their thoughts, I am starting a series here entitled "Shared On Social Media" so that I can find the information I found useful later. All credit will be given to the original poster and commenters. None of these posts are my original thoughts.

Posted to the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group on June 9, 2017 by Brad Malone.

As a LMS turned administrator, I have spent a lot of time looking at all of your end reports and wondering what I would think or feel if I received one from any of the LMS I oversee. I thought some of you may rethink or reshape parts of yours based on my general feedback.

  1. Who is the audience? Is it just me? If you don't have a plan to share this with more than me, I would be worried about the time you spent putting it together. I wouldn't want a LMS spending five of their busy minutes making a beautiful report for my benefit.

  1. What is the context? Many of you quantify all sorts of information, but it's given no context. So you checked out 2 billion books. Okay, impressive but is that more than last year or less? What steps did you take to increase that number? What's your plan going forward? Most of the statistics feel like really fun trivia that make me say cool and then shrug saying so what.

  1. I have program goals. The principals have building goals. How does any of this move us towards those goals? I care our students are mastering ISTE standards and developing information literacy skills. I care that teachers are integrating technology successfully. I care that LMS are fostering a love of reading. Knowing what book is most checked out doesn't help me see how you working towards any of that.

As is so often the case, when I'm struggling with a LMS issue I turn to Doug Johnson. He did not fail me again. Here in this blog post he better captured everything I thought about as I read.

I hope no one finds this insulting. I just thought one admin's perspective might help you all in the future.


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