The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian

The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shared On Social Media: Genrefied Libraries-HELP!

While surfing social media sites I come across great posts with equally insightful comments. Unfortunately, trying to locate these posts in the stream months later is often an impossible task. Thus, in lieu of waiting for the original poster to blog their thoughts, I am starting a series here entitled "Shared On Social Media" so that I can find the information I found useful later. All credit will be given to the original poster and commenters. None of these posts are my original thoughts.

Changing from Dewey to Genre shelving is happening in school libraries across the country in all grade levels more and more as librarians listen to and honor student voice.  Making this change isn't easy but is well worth your time and energy.

Recently Stacie Whitlock posted the message, "Genrefied libraries-please share pics of your signage! Need ideas!" in the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group.  Luckily, social media now allows us to connect, share, learn and grow together as school librarians and Stacie received great advice from librarians across the country.

Shannon Miller shared how you can use Buncee to create genre labels and signage in her blog post,
Create Your Library Branding, Signage, Promotions & More With Buncee!:

B Mann shared her simple signage and added this great picture of signage her students created completely on their own! I absolutely LOVE this!

Angela Rosheim shared her breathtaking handmade foam signage with the group. I wonder if she would make some for me! LOL!:

Wendy Cope shared her blog post, Why Genrefy?

Cristi Caroline created these masterpieces using PicMonkey! Cristi is also willing to SHARE here awesome creations with the rest of us! YAY! Thank you Cristi!

Amanda Nored Counts shared these great signs AND she is also willing to share her files with others! Our community of school librarians is AMAZING!

Kelsey Erin I created her genre shelving signage in She generously shared her signs with the Facebook group.

Alison Terry Kirkpatrick used a free app called Phoetic. Not only did she share an image of her signage, Alison also provided a link to her Google Files for more signage! YAY! 

Kim Ferretti Keith shared her genre signage even though her shelves are quite bare due to summer book check out. This lead to a completely new discussion in the Facebook thread.

Rachel Grover also shared her Google Files for the genre signage she has created.

Alexis Arts made her genre signage in PowerPoint:

Linda Waskow uses Destiny's Visual Search images for labels and corresponding signage:

Kaitlyn Price uses wooden letters on bases from for her genre signage:

Fran Glick provided a link to a great source of information for "Un-Deweying a School Library".

Cynthia Stogdill used transparent color stickers to indicate genre while still maintaining a Dewey based arrangement:

Leeann Denham's site has a video on how she genrefied with pics plus all the files used to print them. Find it through the first link (How to Genre-fy) on .

I was lucky enough to get to genrefy my high school library two years ago.  I highly relied on blog posts by Tiffany Whitehead to guide me in my journey.  I also created a Pinterest Board for Genre Shelving.

What other ideas can you share about Genre Shelving and Signage?  


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