Saturday, September 29, 2018

Guest Post: Worthwhile Rainy Day Activities for Your Children

Guest Blog by Jenny Wise, a stay-at-home parent to four beautiful children.  Jenny's blog, Special Home Educator,  has a focus on homeschooling and children with special needs.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

When your kids are cooped up and going stir crazy, it can make the whole house feel a little nuts. Take the edge off with worthwhile activities! Here are some ideas that are educational, entertaining, and help your children grow.

Physical Playtime

I confess, sometimes I envy the energy levels my children have! Doing something physical is a terrific way for youngsters to blow off steam. What’s more, some studies show children need exercise to help them grow strong muscles and bones. In fact, they need a full hour of play every day to meet their bodies’ requirements. To meet those needs when they are stuck inside, you can turn on exercise videos from YouTube or teach them some pillow fight games. Competing in pillow fight games is a fun way for them to be active inside while also learning game strategy and how to follow instructions. They’ll enhance their motor skills, work on coordination, and build self-confidence, all while having a wonderful time!

Explore Creativity

Encouraging your children to get in touch with their artistic and musical abilities is a great way to keep them learning and productive on a rainy day. A2Z Homeschooling suggests a variety of music-oriented online lessons. For example, your children can learn to play an instrument on websites such as FiddleQuest, which helps kids learn violin with support from an interactive community of instructors and students. Danman’s Music Library and Music School offers instruction on a wide variety of instruments, such as flute, piano, guitar, trumpet, drums, or violin, along with voice lessons and instruction on composition and music theory. For those more inclined toward drawing or painting, Our Good Family recommends Sparketh for online tutorials, noting instruction is clear enough for children to follow on their own, and lessons are broken into easy-to-swallow segments so kids don’t become bored or overwhelmed.

Recreational Reading

Pleasure reading is a terrific way for kids to pass the time, and it also is a hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Reading opens up their ability to pursue information when they want it and keep their minds growing. One idea for your rainy day entertainment is to start a book club. Your kids can participate with friends, or you can develop other activities from your children’s selections, like creating elephant’s toothpaste after reading about elephants. Talk with them about the size of the toothbrush for those big tusks! And if your kids aren’t too keen on their own hygiene, it’s a fun way to bring up the subject of their dental care. I love multitasking teaching opportunities, and some experts suggest incorporating storytime into toothbrushing. You could entwine your elephant stories with your daily routine and capitalize that way, too!

Get Cookin’

Kids love to make things in the kitchen, so Babble recommends cooking up some fun! Make a batch of brownies or cut-out cookies you can decorate together. Or, make bread dough and have the kiddos help with kneading it and then watch it rise! You can also throw together a batch of soup with a kid-oriented recipe. Soups are a healthful and interesting way to eat veggies and can provide a variety of nutrients. Cooking and baking involve math and reading skills they won’t even notice using, and they will work on following sequential directions to boot. Let them select what you make so they have ownership in what they’re doing. In the end, you can enjoy your yummy creations together -- it’s a win-win!

Rainy Day Fun!

When it’s raining outside and your children are feeling cooped up, find entertainment that is good for them. Give them exercise, inspire their creativity, encourage reading, and get them in the kitchen. With well-chosen activities, you and your kids will look forward to those rainy days together!