Saturday, March 23, 2019

Creating Paper Signals In Your Makerspace

Ready to go next level in your library makerspace?  Branch out with Paper Signals, a Voice Experiment a part of the Experiments with Google site.  If you are already tinkering with Makey Makey, littleBits, Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi you should feel quite comfortable creating with Paper Signals.

Paper Signals does require driver, the Arduino software, and Paper Signals code downloads so be sure to check with your IT Department before jumping head first into this project. You will also need a phone with the Google Assistant (available on both Android and iOS devices) to start controlling your Paper Signal with your voice.

The creators of Paper Signals make it easy to get started by providing a link to the electronic components needed as well as easy to print paper templates.  For those kids who are really into coding, Paper Signals provides access to its open source coding so that students can tweak the paper templates to create their own custom signal.

I can definitely see doing this in a middle/high school library makerspace.

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