Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020...A New Decade to Connect, Share, Learn, Grow Together!

Like many as we leave one year and move onto the next, the promise of new things to come is just around the corner. This year we don't just usher in a new year but a new decade making the reflection process common for this time of year especially poignant. 

In the last decade, I welcomed to the world three amazing grandchildren and four fur babies (I miss you Oliver kitty), met the love of my life and got married, made some of my best friends on social media and collaborated on some incredible projects, wrote a book, retired, turned fifty, relocated to a new state, served a year as the ISTE Librarians Network President, started a new career, became a Ph.D. student, and bought a house.

Being a school librarian is the very essence of who I have been but it is and has always been the technology part of being a school librarian that has sustained my interest and propelled me forward. This is why I fully support organizations like the Future Ready Librarians and the ISTE Librarians Network who understand the vital role school librarians wield when they work as and in unison with educational technology leaders. 

In 2019 my lifelong love of technology came to a crescendo with my new career as a leader in digital learning and the pursuit of a doctorate degree with an emphasis on educational technology. 

As 2020 dawns I dedicate this next decade to the integration of technology, learning, and school librarianship. 

Cheers to a new decade of opportunities to connect, share, learn and grow together!