Saturday, December 7, 2019

Have You Heard About . . . ClassroomQ?

Recently while looking for a student response system I came across ClassroomQ and was blown away.

ClassroomQ is a powerful classroom management tool for a 1:1 environment that was created by two teachers. Students who have questions can ask them without interrupting the lesson or without bringing the attention of the whole class on them. Teachers can see who needs assistance and what questions students have in a compact easy to use format.

There are no fancy bells and whistles with ClassroomQ. Just a simple, streamlined, intuitive interface for both teachers and students.

Jess, a middle school math teacher wrote a great blog post about using ClassroomQ with her students and included student feedback about using this tool. Take a look below at Jess' ClassroomQ teacher dashboard to get a better idea of how this tool works.

The students' point of view is simple and easy to use.

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